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Be Smart, Be Safe, With MediCall

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Everywhere you may need help.

Around the world 24/7

Wherever you are, and whenever you need quick access to vital information, or simply need to acquire help  in case of emergency, MediCall app gives you easy access to all this in just one app. No need for ten different apps doing the same, now all features are gathered under one roof.

Not only can the MediCall app help you in the event of crisis, but also let other people that might find you unconscious after an unexpected accident or event help you, either if you suffer from Diabetes or have Epilepsy that requires special medication or special treatment, those extra minutes it takes for the medics to arrive, could save your life, if someone knew who you are, and what you are suffering from.

It could be as simple as describing your needs, or giving others that dont know you, instructions on how to act and what to do if they find you unconscious , why wait long minutes extra for medics, if your lifesaving medicine actually is in your pocket, but nobody knew, cause you werent able to communicate?

We have worked hard to make the MediCall app useful in every situation, wether its you, or other people that needs help in case of an emergency situation.


Anywhere, anytime, MediCall app is the smart app for your smartphone



The ultimate emergency - ICE app, packed with lifesaving features

MediCall for iPhone

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MediCall for Android

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We are working hard to make great apps for you to feel safer!

Any time – Anywhere – MediCall app is with you


For detailed instructions about the app, please choose your smartphone platform from the instructions menu, at the top right corner on this site.

Alert relatives

Relatives and emergency contacts can be alerted with the push of a button in the MediCall app.  Predefined alert messages can be sent out to all your preselected contacts by sms and/or email, and can include your current location, saving valuable time in an emergency situation.

Call 911

In case of an emergency, the MediCall app lets you call 911 with the push of a button.  During the call, the top of the screen will display the coordinates of your location, allowing you to give emergency dispatch your exact location to ensure you can be found and treated quickly.

Send location

The MediCall app includes your current position in emergency alert messages, allowing responders to locate you in the event you have been injured or are incapable of communicating.  It also allows you to send your location to selected contacts simply to let them know where you are.

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